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wyoming writers, Inc.

Bi-Monthly Flash Fiction: 

Past Prompts

Wyoming Writers, Inc. hosts a bi-monthly flash fiction contest for members! Prompts are emailed out twice a month, and three winners are chosen from each prompt for recognition in our newsletter. If you'd like to challenge yourself creatively, feel free to make use of our past contest prompts below!

Note:  The contests for the below listed prompts have already been completed and winners chosen. Please do not submit pieces for the prompts on this page.

* Wide open Spaces

* Hunting Out of Season

* Shiny on a Distant Hill

* Love Lost

* One Thing Led to Another

* Lions, Tigers, and Bears

* On Tiptoes

* Under Water

* Read Between the Lines

* Forever Young

* Take One for the Team

* Jungle to Jungle

*  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

*  My Friend the Queen

*  Tomorrow

*  Killer in the House

*  Last Person on Earth

*  Over the Hill

*  Dark and Stormy Night

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